• This program provides foreigners who want to work in Japan or in overseas Japanese affiliates with a support system and a chance to find the right job at a Japanese company by participating in the international job fair.
    Japanese companies as well as Japanese affiliates in your countries aim to further promote the participation of foreigners in their countries by employing them to develop innovation, new products and services. Additionally, this will improve the competitiveness of overseas business expansion.​


  • Dhaka

    Fri.15th, September(ONLINE)

    The event has ended.

    Fri.13th, October(OFFLINE)

  • Bangkok

    Sat.16th, September(ONLINE)

    The event has ended.

    Sat.7th, October(OFFLINE)

  • Kuala Lumpur

    Sat.23rd, September(ONLINE)

    The event has ended.

    Sat.21st, October(OFFLINE)

  • Jakarta

    Sat,30th, September(ONLINE)

    The event has ended.


  • Bandung

    Sun.1st, October(ONLINE)

    The event has ended.

    Mon.13th, November(OFFLINE)

  • Ho Chi Minh

    Sat.14th, October(ONLINE)
    Sat.4th, November (OFFLINE)

  • Hanoi

    Sun.15th, October(ONLINE)
    Tue.7th, November(OFFLINE)

  • Bangkok

    Sat.28th, October(ONLINE)
    Sat.25th, November(OFFLINE)

  • Delhi

    Sat.18th, November(ONLINE)
    Sat.16th, December(OFFLINE)

  • Chennai

    Sun.19th, November(ONLINE)
    Tue.19th, December(OFFLINE)

Benefits of participating in Job Fair

❶ Cost savings

There is no registration fee or participation fee for the events.
*Internet communication costs are your own expense
You can save on airfare.
You can learn about Japanese companies without coming to Japan, and you can get a job offer to work at a Japanese company while remaining in your home country.

❷ Efficient recruitment scheme through online and face-to-face Job fair

You can participate in online Job Fair* and apply for a job with an exhibitor in advance of the face-to-face one. If advance job selection is available by the start of the Job Fair, you may have a chance to get an employment guarantee notice through the events.
*Live stream with Q&A session

❸ Job Fair hosted by METI Government Of Japan​

Exhibitors are examined under certain conditions by METI Government Of Japan. Therefore, companies are willing to recruit workers at the fair. You can feel secure in joining a company and playing an active part even if you have not worked at a Japanese company or in Japan up to now.


Flow to Job Fair participation​

Registering your My Page

Write your name and email address, select the city you will participate from, and other details in “New Registration” on the homepage or the URL below. You will receive an email to your registered email address once you confirm the registration.

Note: See the web management system manual (PDF) for details.

Editing the information on your My Page

Click the link in the email you receive to complete your registration. Add information about yourself that is required for applications to companies, such as your education, skills, employment history from “My page”.
You can upload your CV into the web management system which will increase your chances that you will be scouted by the companies that participated in the job fairs. These companies can invite you to interview.

Applying to companies

Browse company information from your “My Page” and apply to your desired companies.
You will then receive a link to participate in the online job fair or participation certificate for face-to-face job fair.
The companies you applied to will be able to see the personal information you uploaded on your “My Page”. (Companies you didn’t apply to won’t be able to see the information you’ve uploaded).

Online / Face-to-face Job Fair

Participate in the event for which you applied.
Please print and bring your participation certificate to face-to-face Job Fair.
Notes: For details of how to join the online system, see the Cisco user manual (PDF).​

Selection and Interview

The company recruiter will be able to contact you to begin the selection process and conduct an interview after the online, face-to-face Job fair.

The contact method and interview selection, schedule, and process is different for each company.


Can I participate in the Online Job fair via a smartphone?
Yes, you can. Once you register on the website and complete the company entry, you will receive a link for the seminar to be held on the day. Download the app before the event, and then participate in a place with a strong Wi-Fi or other internet connection.
Is there a participation fee?
No, it is free to register and participate in the online or on site, Face-to-face job fair. However, you must pay for any communication fees that are required for you to participate in online Job fair.
I don't speak Japanese. Are there positions available for non-Japanese speakers?
Last year a number of non-Japanese speakers received employment offers.
Is this recruitment for trainees?
No. This recruitment is intended for those who have already graduated from university or are about to graduate.
What kind of companies will participate?
Based on past years’ results, companies in the manufacturing industry being the most, then companies in the IT, tourism and services, and construction industries.
I've just graduated and I don't have any experience. Can I still enter?
Participants in their early to mid-20s were the most to receive employment offers last year, but new graduates also received a lot of offers.
I don't want to work in Japan. Are there any positions available in my home country?
Yes. Not only Japanese companies from Japan but also Japanese affiliates in your countries will participate, so there will be positions available for overseas local hiring.
Please tell me about the selection process and procedures.
“Every company is different, so participate in the events for more details.
Is there a limit to the number of participants for each career seminar?
“The number of participants for each online job fair is limited to 1,000 people. No limit on the number of participants in a Face-to-face job fair.”
Is there a dress code?
“We recommend you to wear a collared shirt.”
I want to check that my application was successfully completed.
“After registering, a list of company that you have applied for will appear on your My Page, so you can check whether your application was successful or not in that page.”
What language will the job fair be conducted in?
“This will depend on the company, but most will be conducted either in English or the local language.”
Can I ask questions during the online job fair?
“Yes, you can.”